Dating app for outdoor enthusiasts

dating app for outdoor enthusiasts

Mike Keshian and LuvByrd: The Dating App for Outdoor Enthusiasts. Verge Campus Skip to content. Campuses; Sections. Campus Influencers; Dating app, LuvByrd.
Jul 22, 2016  · LuvByrd is a specialized dating app for people who love the great but with this app you also fill out a quick survey on your favorite outdoor.
8 Reasons to Find a Date on LuvByrd – Outdoor Enthusiasts Only. (View Hinge, another Denver dating app that connects you with your friend’s friends here) 2. But actually talking to someone? Sign up and explore. Sign up today for FREE. Upon creating an account, users are presented with a brief survey that helps to identify the outdoor activities that they enjoy most. Users can search out possible dates based on their favorite activities, mountains to ski, and level of ability. Zumba on the Rocks, photo by Lindsey Bartlett. dating app for outdoor enthusiasts The (Euro)best of Cannes Lions.